Overlea-Fullerton Recreation Council
Children's Dance ~ Adult Tap/ Jazz 
Modern ~ Hip- Hop
Aerobics ~ Zumba
Zumba Gold ~Yoga ~WERQ


 Dance routines, step aerobics, kickboxing and more.  Bring hand weights (1-5 lbs), a floor mat (yoga mat) and wear your sneakers.  Resistance bands and steps provided.

Classes are on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00-10:00am  at the Fullerton Community Center.
Monday Evenings classes are from 6:30-7:30pm at Fullerton Elementary school

Morning Aerobics 2 days a week - $40.00

Evening Aerobics 1 day a week -$25.00

Drop-In Fee - $5.00/class
10-week sessions

Classes Begin in September


Visit the News Section to see more information and print a registration form.

Children's Dance - New classes will begin in the Fall - Check website for information end of summer about registration dates.

For ballet, dancers ages 3 and up wear pink ballet shoes.  For tap, dancers ages 3 and up wear flat black tap shoes with black ribbons. Older students wear high-heeled black tap shoes.
See above for ballet and tap.  For jazz, at age 7 and 8 students wear ballet shoes and older students wear flat black jazz shoes. 
See above for ballet, tap and jazz. Students 10 and older with 3 years of ballet experience wear pointe shoes with toe pads.
    Hip-Hop (co-ed)-
        Students wear designated street/hip-hop sneakers.
    Modern (co-ed)-
        No shoes required, students dance barefoot.
    Boys Dance-
Jazz and/or tap will be offered for boys.  For jazz, students wear black dance sneakers and for tap, students wear boys tap shoes. 

Dress Code:

Students must be dressed in dance attire for class with hair out of their face.  Street clothing is not permitted.

Additional Program Information:
Classes occur at Elmwood Elementary School and students are separated by age group.  Students will be informed with a letter as to when their classes are.  Hip-Hop occurs on Friday nights and Modern occurs on Saturday.

Class (30 lessons)

Deposit due- Sept 2010


Balance due- Dec 2010







Tap/Ballet/Jazz (7 & up)






(10 & up)





Boys Tap/Jazz





Modern Co-ed



($20 discount with Tap/Ballet Class)


Hip Hop Co-ed



($20 discount with Tap/Ballet Class)




Adult Jazz/ Tap
        Students wear flat black jazz shoes. 
        Students wear black tap shoes.
Class occurs Thursday nights at Elmwood Elementary school.