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August Update:
OFRC Dance

Since Baltimore County Schools will be holding their classes virtually, we will be unable to enter the schools this Fall, which changes our "credit" plan for the dance year. We are hoping to get in the schools or recreation building before January to complete the second half of the year that we missed. We will modify as we go so look for updates here.

OFRC Adult Fitness

Unfortunately, OFRC is discontinuing all of our Adult Fitness Classes (Aerobics, Fusion Yoga, Zumba, and WERQ). With everything being in limbo and the fact that these classes have struggled the past few years to stay alive, we just don't see how we can recuperate from this. We are so appreciative to have such dedicated participants over the years. In the future, our director may offer a combination aerobic/strength & toning class via Zoom - if you would like to be on the list for that, please let us know. Elaine, our WERQ instructor, is offering Zoom classes twice a week - contact her at benner.elaine@gmail.com. Thank you again for your support!

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